Lost Sword of Slappy

i my name's Swashbuckler though I like being called Swash I am loyal to Francis Brigade

Notoriety: Lvl 50

I'm really good at privateering with fellow Francis Brigade members. I'm always protecting France or doing things with Francis Brigade

I am now lvl 30 on sailing :) and I have lvl 24 on cannon but going up quickly.

Sword: Lvl 30

Dagger: Lvl 30

Gun: Lvl 30

Potions: Lvl 19 but going up

I have two legendary Lost Sword of El Patron and 1 Silver Freeze (legendary)

Cannon: Lvl 24 but going up

Fishing: Lvl 20

Voodoo Doll: Lvl 30

Grenade: Lvl 12 but leveling up

Staff: Lvl 26

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