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Swan Isle was the island home of Ebon Slicin. It was a beautiful island paradise before Jolly Roger arrived.


The island was not always called Swan Isle. Before Jolly Roger became what he is, the island was called Isla de Grande Playas. Jolly always coveted the island in life. He wanted to build a new home for the Brethren Court, when Shipwreck Cove became unstable. The Court denied it, but Jolly kept a sharp eye on the isle.

Many years later, Ebon Slicin discovered the isle on the HMS Black Swan. He built his mansion, or compound, upon the island, along with many huts and shacks for his crew. Below the island, he built the Slicin Caverns, where he hid his hoard. He then named the island after his ship, and called it Swan Isle.

One day, Jolly Roger remembered the island, and attacked it.

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