The Swamp of Despair is where despair controls you.
Swamp Of Despair..

Once you have enter the Swamp Of Despair

Swamp of despair

The Entrance To the Swamp Of Despair

It will twist you, it'll make you think your friends are enemies and the worst part is that when you enter you'll never want to leave ever...Once you have enter this dark place, anyone who has been visited by the light will get very weak and the local animals will do anything they can do to kill the light or anyone else. Anyone who feels good about themselves will be bad thinking that everyone turn against them. No emotions Lie here only madness, & darkness. If you have enter the swamp there's no exits you'll think that everything is alright but its not.

The Stream

This swamp will do anything to KILL YOU. The swamp will try to protect the stream which gives you answers to everything, every knowledge out there, Even where the exit is.
Swamp of despair stream

the stream of knowledge

But there a curse that comes with that, you will forget everyone you had contact with even your family and friends will forget. No one knows where this swamp is located. But rumored to be in the Caribbean on Cuba.


It is said that the location of this deadly swamp is that it appears and disappears on Cuba.

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