"Everything that glitters is ours!"
— threatening a traitorous monarch
Suparna Verdilee


Suparna Verdilee


Golden Lioness, Shining Blade

Birth Date:

August 1st


unknown, biologically late 20s


Knight, Hunter, Infantry Captain (former), Beastmaster (former)


challenges, victory, battle, strength, intelligence


bullying the weak, power trips, authority, defeat, cowardice




Suparna Verdilee, known as the "Shining Blade" to the numerous law enforcement agencies in hot pursuit, is an infamous, skilled, and widely sought covertly ancient knight and criminal who once served as an infantry captain in the army of the long-dead thalassocracy of Cielo, even participating in its ill-fated final battle against the Vṛścik‌‌‌a mage faction. In the millennia since, she has journeyed the world alongside her lover, seeking alchemical and arcane knowledge while bolstering her own power. She is a caucasian woman of well-above average height with blonde hair and green eyes, often sporting purpur plate armor and accessories.

Personality and Traits

Most who surround Suparna would describe as a vivid, energetic, and even impulsive young woman with an insatiable thirst for physical challenges. Those who have known her for long enough also come to understand her innate desire to protect the weak and explore the far reaches of the world. Those in high social circles, however, have despised her vociferousness and power, leading to a few (failed and backfired) assassination attempts over the centuries.

Having been raised in Cielo, a wondrous archipelago nonetheless surrounded by myriad dangers, she took charge of her life and enlisted in the maritime nation's armed forces at the age of 13, rising through the ranks quickly due to her blazing drive and seemingly boundless skill. However, her visible unwillingness to ponder things for long enough almost led to her undoing once. She is far more amiable and humorous than her shrewd partner, and is often the face of their relationship when they are up to no good. Despite her complete lack of formal education, she possesses a strong emotional intelligence.

Despite being headstrong, she is not without feeling, and often has bouts of nostalgia over the seas and its ships. It seems that she has not truly let go of the crushing of her homeland, and that her heart can not let go of the thought of revenge.

Skills and equipment

It should be noted that, owing to her peculiar age and countless expeditions into treacherous dimensions, Suparna's attributes have changed vastly since her youth. Many difficult battles and treks through deadly landscapes have boosted her power tremendously.

  • Strength: 14/20 (17/20)
  • Dexterity: 14/20 (18/20)
  • Constitution: 13/20 (16/20)
  • Intelligence: 5/20 (8/20)
  • Wisdom: 6/20 (14/20)
  • Charisma: 8/20 (11/20)
  • Class: Knight/Uhlan/Hunter
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Weapons: Sword, Greatsword, Spear, Bow
  • Armor: Light armor, heavy armor

Suparna, being a master swordswoman and profoundly skilled lancer, is a perfect front line fighter with a solid defense and striking agility to boot. She is also versed in archery, able to quickly draw and wield a bow with remarkable power and accuracy. Owing to her origins as an infantry leader, she easily maintains the physical and mental upper hand in combat, and is difficult to overpower given her unmatched parrying and evasive capabilities. She becomes an even more fearsome fighter when paired with someone who can further turn the tides of battle with a series of buffs and debuffs, and is ideally present in combat with such a partner.

She possesses absolutely no magical capabilities, but suffers from the same pronounced weakness to black magicks as her lover.

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