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  • Note: you must be level 40 to recive this quest

Will Turner wants you to travel to the Frozen Isle to find a secret case of weapons that could freeze the world over into a second Ice Age.

  • Visit Will Turner in The Old Warehouse on Port Royal- 100 Notoriety

"Have you ever heard of an era called the Ice Age? Good, I need you to go north of Raven's Cove. There is a island that is covered in snow and ice constantly. Some say it's cursed, but I know that there are weapons that have the abilities to freeze things in their tracks. I want you to collect the weapons and keep them with you for safekeeping." - Will Turner

Jorurney to The Frozen Isle

Find the Frozen Isle

Sail to the Frozen Isle

Sail and land on the Frozen Isle - 100 Notoriety

Search for Life

Find someone - 100 Notoriety

"Enter the Tavern before you meet the same fate as me."- Snowman

Enter the Tavern

Talk to the Bartender - 100 Notoriety

"Hello there, what can I do for you? What!? Your looking for the Frozen Weapons? That's just a myth, a children story. Of course since your looking for them, Old Man Nezorf might be able to help you out."

Talk to Old Man Nezorf

Talk to Old Man Nezorf in the Tavern - 100 Notoriety

"Greetings young man, how may I help you? What's that? Your looking for the frozen weapons? Well, I might know something about them, if you prove to me you won't use them for evil."

Prove yourself to Nezorf

Prove your self to Old Man Nezorf

Kill 20 Cold Skeletons

7 Cold Skeleton Grunts to collect frozen leg bones

6 Cold Skeleton Fencers to collect frozen arm bones

6 Cold Skeleton Warriors to collect frozen neck bones

1 Cold Skeleton Warlords to collect a frozen skull

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