Story Quest: Navy Training is the First chapter of all story quests in the game. It is given to the player as soon as the player exits the infirmary on Bilge Water.


Aquire a ship and learn to master it as soon as you can. Because a soldier who can't sail is nothing more then a landlocked soldier too busy to toil away at life to actually live it.


Note: The parts of the quest that are written in bold will be skipped if the player opts to skip the tutorial.

Name Task Reward
Arm Yourself Visit John Montford in the old Barraks. A Rusty Bayonet and 25 Notoriety points
Practice Learn how to use a bayonet with John Montford. 50 Notoriety points
Catch a Ship Visit Captain Ro Neck. 25 Notoriety points
Sink a Pirate Ship Sink a War Frigate. 25 Notoriety points
Return to Ro Neck. None
Visit Tia Wilde Visit Tia Wilde. 25 Notoriety points and a Compass
Recover Arrest Warrents Recover Arrest warrent from a Swabbie on Port Royal. 25 Notoriety points
Get the Governor's Stamp Deliver arrest warrent's to Cutler Beckett in Royal Caverns on Port Royal. 100 Notoriety points
Visit Darby Drydock Find the shipwright Darby Drydock - a ray of light will lead you to him A Ferret and 25 Notoriety points
Launch your Ship Launch your ship from a dingy at Port Royal 25 Notoriety points
Find Captain Wentworth Rothwell Visit Captain Wentworth Rothwell in Wentworth's Grotto on Devil's Anvil

100 Notoriety points and a Light Cutlass

Find Commander Richard Prescott Visit Commander Precott in Thieves Den on Tortuga 500 Notoriety points
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