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In this quest you must talk to Jack Wolfspain, and he will tell you where to find Jolly Roger. You must find Jolly and capture him or the entire Caribbean will fall into his clutches.

Level Required: 40

Objective: Capture Jolly Roger

Rewards: 10,000 Notoriety/ World Eater Blade

Objective Story Reward

Visit Jack Wolfspain

See Jack Wolfspain in Ratskeller Tavern on Padres del Feugo. 200 rep
Sail to Isla Tormenta Search for Survivors. 100 rep
Kill 10 Thrall Captains You find no survivors, but the Thrall Captains have noticed you. Kill them! 100 rep
Sail to Raven's Cove Find Crazy Ned. He helped you before, he can help you again. 100 rep
Kill a Rage Ghost Ned is scared by the Red Ghosts. Kill one to reassure him. 500 rep
Go to Jack Sparrow Ned wants you to talk to Jack Sparrow. He said somthing about fish. 200 rep
Catch 3 Tiger Sharks Jack wants to catch some sharks, but cant land one. See if you can help him. 200 rep
Help Tia Dalma Jack needs some of her magical brews. 100 rep
Sink an EITC Warlord Recover some fine rum. It is crucial to her new potion. 300 rep
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