Sternrage's Cutlass is a Cursed Cutlass that only a Sternrage of Matthew Sternrage's blood can wield. The blood is actually from Matthew's father, Nathaniel Sternrage. It is said the Matthew took his father's blood and made a cutlass and poured his father's blood on it cursing it where only Sternrage Blood can wield or touch it. So far, the Cutlass went under some changes in it's form an it has become possible for friends of Sternrage to wield it if the sword is out of Sternrage's possession..

Attack Power: 110

Special Move: Blinding Blood (Blade clings into the side of enemy, damaging enemy over time for 60 seconds)

Looks Like: Captain's Cutlass

Boosts: Brawl +3, Flourish +3, Bladestorm +4

Requirements: Sternrage Name or Sternrage's Friend, Mastered Sword, Notoriety Level 50


  • The Blade's handle was from Tortuga, the steel from Raven's Cove and the weapon built at Olympus Isle
  • The Blade's twin blade is the War Blade of Olympus
  • The Fighting Executioner is the ship that brought the sword together from the three islands.
  • The blade was possibly lost in the battle between the Executioner and Revenge, in which it returned with Matthew.
  • The sword no looks like the Captain's Blade opposed to it looking like Nautilus Blade.
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