Starlight before it was captured by Captain Blake Forge

Starlight is the ship of Captain Blake Forge.


Starlight was once named the HMS Carolina. It was often used to defend New England colonies, even though Carolina was not in New England.

After a few years on the sea, pirates from Boston boarded the ship, and took it over. They then battled the two other ships in the harbor, winning, but taking much damage. The ship sailed into the Atlantic, where it was overtaken by a deadly storm that lasted days.

On the third day of the storm, when Captain Forge was just about to tell his crew it was good to know them, something caught his eye. It was a star! It appeared several times, shining through the clouds. He used it to navigate his way out of the storm. He thought it had been the Northern Star, and he'd be landing in what is today Canada, but it wasn't. He kept sailing, until he reached the Caribbean. He didn't care, though, and named the ship Starlight, in the name of it's savior.

The ship needed a makeover, and it got one. The ship recieved golden trim, shining new sails, and a newly painted hull. It's model is simliar to the Ship of the Line, but has it's own touches, similar to the Black Pearl.

Today, it sails the Caribbean Seas, helping pirates wherever it can. In it's travels, it's even met The Magic, a ship that was captained by Captain Walter, before his death.


The Starlight appears in Into The Lion's Den as the ship of the Starlight's Crew.


Deck guns: 22

Broadside: 34

Maximum Crew: 24

Maximum Cargo: 28

Armor: 20,000

Speed: 2,800

Cost: Not available to buy


This ship is named after the Disney performance Starlight played every night at the Magic Kingdom. View the song here.

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