Star Wars:Path of Darkness is a fanon written by Jim Logan, it's set directly after Star Wars: A New Hope.

Chapter 1

Starkiller forced his blade through the Imperial Captain's chest and shut off the blade, causing the corpse to tumble to the cold hard steel. He turned to survey his work, and smiled at the countless Stormtrooper bodies that had tried to slow his progress, but to no avail.

Starkiller hit his comlink and said "I'm done here Proxy, meet me in the hangar." 

"Where to next, Master?" Proxy asked 

"Cloud City." Starkiller replied 

Once aboard the ship, he quickly changed into his old Jedi Adventure garb, hooked his primary lightsaber, which he had molded after General Rahm Kota's hilt to his belt. He took a second lightsaber, which was a short-saber used only in emergencies. Both weapons were modified to be Darksabers using synthetic crystals. 

"Master, you have a message. Would you like me to play it?" Proxy asked from the doorway.

"Sure, Proxy." Starkiller said turning to the droid 

The droid transformed into Juno Eclipse, pilot of the Rebel Alliance, and his estranged lover. Four months prior Juno had re-joined the Alliance once the Death Star was destroyed, this act angered him since neither she nor Kota allowed him to reveal himself due to the fear and hatred the galaxy had for Jedi.  Starkiller took it upon himself to find and kill Darth Vader after his rescue by the Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett. 

"Galen, listen. I know you're probably still angry, but please. I am begging you. Stop this fool's errand! Come back to us, we're on Hoth at the moment, and the Alliance is in need of more Jedi. Kota went missing with his squad on Felucia a month ago, the Alliance assumes he's dead...-" Juno trailed off-" Just please, consider what I've said." Juno said

The droid returned to his normal state and asked "Why are we heading to Cloud City, master?" 

"I have another target." Galen said casually "An Imperial Shadow Guard. Should be interesting." 

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