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The Royal Bank of Russia( currently holds 80 trillion rubles )


Edgar Wildrat's Private Estate

Current Population: 300,000.

Located: Northern Russia

Main Palace: Palace De Macmorgan

Current Royal Compensation allocated to residents: 2 trillion ( 300,000 for every resident )

Owned by: Official Russian Government


Capitol building of St. Benjaborg

St.Benjaborg is located in Poland, It was built after Poland surrendered to Russia. St.Benjaborg is the official residence of the Royal family, While the government is located in Russia's Former capitol. St. Bejaborg is its own governing state, but is owned and ruled by Russia. St. Benjaborg sets its own tax rates, parliament, and elections are allowed in St. Benjaborg to select a Arch Tsar ( mayor )

After Poland was annexed by Russia, Czar Benjamin Macmorgan wanted to create a city like no other. St.Benjaborg. It is to have 500,000 houses. 10 grand palaces. It contains a private 2 miles long area in the middle of the city surrounded by a wall made of silver. In the middle it contains a palace. 600,000 Russian serfs were drafted for the construction of the City.


Richest city on earth.

Finest Living.

City with the most millionaires.

Home to the worlds most expensive palace

Home to the worlds biggest palace

Most guarded city

Population. 800,000

Lower income residents: 100,000 ( they live outside the city, outside the grand silver walls )

Middle Income residents 300,000 ( they live next to the walls )

Wealthier income residents 350,000 ( they live around 4 mile long moat that surrounds the royal family )

Royals and Millionaire residents 50,000 ( they live inside the island )

Winter palace of russian tsars

A row of townhouses in St. Benjaborg


Grand Tower ( faced towards the Holy city )


St. Benjaborg will become one of the most finest places to live in the entire world. It has zero taxes and was built to show the world that Russia may be a rough, cold nation, But Russians still know how to live the life of luxury.

Construction Project

Middle income townhouses ( finished ) Prices: 230,000 - 400,000

Central Plaza ( finished )

Shopping District ( 45 finished )

Outer Estates ( 50% completed ) Prices: 2-5 million rubles

Inner Benjamin ( 65% completed ) prices 10-35 million rubles

Artificial Beach ( completed )

Beach homes ( Completed ) prices 10 thousand - 2 million

Offices ( completed )

Church of Benjamin ( completed )

Grand Palace of the People ( museum: completed )

Grand tower of the Holy City ( pointed towards the Holy city: Completed ) The Twin Pyramids ( Made out of silver and gold: completed )

Grand Bank of Russia ( completed )

The Polish Monument ( dedicated to the 10,000 Russian soldiers that died: completed )

Capitol Building ( completed )


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Grand Pyramid of St.Benjaborg ( made out of silver )


Czar Tower

Phantom Of The Opera- Masquerade

Phantom Of The Opera- Masquerade

A Royal Masquerade Party in St, Benjaborg.


Church of Benjamin.


A Mansion in Inner Benjamin Street. Inner Benjamin Street is the most expensive area to live.

The Benjaborg March

The Benjaborg March

St. Benjaborg's own anthem.

  • A mansion in Inner Benjamin,
  • A grand estate in Inner Benjamin worth 25 million rubles.
  • A row of luxury townhouses in Inner Benjamin, Worth at least 13 million rubles.
  • The Czar's Summer Palace 25 miles out of St. Benjaborg.
  • Will of the Czar Gate

The Ceiling of the Palace De Macmorgan.


Palace de Macmorgan The Worlds largest Palace, Built for Czar Benjamin Macmorgan


King John Breasly's Newly purchased Palace in St.Benjaborg.


Map of St.Benjaborg

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