The Special Elite Sea and Land Taskforce otherwise known as SESL.Note WE are not the US Navy Seals.

We are part of the NPGA.I Ned Daggerkidd will appoint someone to be incharge of this.No Eitc Or Navy can join.Must Be level 14 or up to join.Note we do not use voodoo wepons.We will only give were are recruiting location is and that is in tourtuga.

SESL Team 1 Bayonet Team

You Must Have A Bayonet For This Team

SESL Team 2 Sea Team

We Will Use Light Sloops for this Team

SESL Team 3 Land Team

Must Have Blunnderbuss or Musket Or grenade and you have to have a cutlass.

SESL Team 4 Invasion Team

Be at Invasions.

SESL Team 5 Intellgence Team


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