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Spain Launches Anti-Macmorgan Campaign In Western Russia.

benjamin Macmorgan recently came back to the game as you all know. He was not accepted into any Nations, so he stole the crown of Russia From Pearson Wright, who at the time had given the crown of Spain over to cadet, so he could rule Russia, so people such as ben would not try to get some lame point across to make him look bad. Macmorgan has been lying to the public, despite The Spanish Congress' warnings, and has been put up on most wanted in Spain, all Spanish Colonies, France, and Russia, - The Russia -. Macmorgan is to be arrested when found and sentenced to immediate exile from Russia and Spain. He is a liar, a thief, and cannot be trusted. Please report this to a Spanish officer if you find him. Thank you - Sir Carlos Clemente

Pearson's Defense

He was appointed Czar by Spartan and Jade Stormfury 6 months ago.

He has formed 2 maxed guilds for Russia, and has made pages for it, he has WAY more accomplishments with Russia than ben.

He lived in St. Petersburg for 3 years.

He is 50% Russian.

He was Czar first, and Ben stole the crown from him, which is illegal, and can be punished by death.

Benjamin Macmorgan's Defense

Nobody apparently claimed it.

Pearson rudely stated Russia was his and that I need to pack up my bags and leave potco before he kick you to the curb.

If Pearson informed me Russia was his in a civilized way I would have nicely talked to him and give it to him and admit I made a mistake

Pearson spammed my pages

Pearson insulted me countless times!

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