Attack : 100 ( 10099 With Prophecy Bonus )

Special Effect : Prophecy : Increases Attack By 9999.


Relentless Fortune : Create Tornado With Scythe ( Costs 500 Voodoo ).

Twin Splice : Splice The Enemy Twice.

Masamune Rise : Splice The Enemy In A Decagon Shape Form.

Kill Rush : A Physical Strike To The Enemy Twice.

Ragnarok Arrows* : Shoot Arrows Made Of Fire 50 - 90 Times ( Move Can Only Be Learned If One Has Maxed Out The Judgement Cycle And Beaten All The Bosses/ Superbosses/ Del Droid In The Arena Of Apocalyptyca. This Move Is Only Available On THIS Weapon. )

How To Fuse

It Can Only Be Gained If One Fuses The Masamune, Murasame, Crimsony Knight Blade, Sharpsword, Simple Spear, Shiva's Veil, Saberfang Crusher, Gungnir, Mildred Blade, Sword Of Apocalyptyca, And 3 Ultima Blades By Grinding In Final Fantasy XV.


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