Born in a hut in the Tortugan swamp, Solomon Sharkfury soon rose to his full pirating glory. Although he is far from the most powerful buccaneer in the Caribbean, he often wins his fights, due to the fact that he never fights alone, often with a minion or two to back him up.

Fighting Style -

Solomon, unlike so many other pirates, doesn't rely on brute strength to win a fight. Rather, he uses the terrain - anything from cliffs to snags - to slow his opponents down and come out on top, though he rarely needs to. While he will fight if need be, more often he will let others fight for him.

Personality -

Solomon has a crafty - even plotting - yet charismatic demeanor which leads leaderless pirates to follow him, so he is rarely alone. He doesn't like to fight, usually assuming a healer or strategist's role. He if fully content to hang back, pulling strings.

Trivia -

  • Solomon is a keeper of many secrets, including many glitches.
  • His strategies and leadership are often deciding factors in Invasions (Though fighters are equally, if not more, important).