Soleb is Edgar Wildrat's prized weapon, a dagger/gun.


What is it?

Soleb is, undoubtably the greatest dagger and pistol in the 17th century world. It has the unique combonation of being a dagger and a gun at the same time. It was designed, made and is wielded by Prince Edgar Wildrat of England. The weapon is made from purest of silver with slight amounts of Iron placed in. The gun mechanism is made out of gold and copper. This powerful weapon is estimated to be worth over 1.5 billion rubles, during the 17th century. Edgar first discovered how to make this weapon by many experiments, which failed, the Dagger is said to have "top notch handeling. A true masterpiece" the Gun is also widely acclaimed to be accurate as a musket and powerful as a blunderbuss. This is possible because of a loaded spring and gun powder. The barrel is reinforced which eliminates the odd of it bouncing around. Since it is quite obviously not a real gun it fires a remarkable small bullet at the estimated range of 10–25 feet. This weapon is always concealed in Edgar Wildrat's shirt sleeve, where it rests in a spring that will jump into his hand at any moment.

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