Mozart - Maurische dTrauermusik KV

Mozart - Maurische dTrauermusik KV. 477

The Guild Anthem

Society of Masons is a secret society, It is very selective of its members and has some of the most powerful, influential, people in the game. The guild is neutral with everyone and never declares war. It believes in peace and equal rights to all.

Everyone is a veteran and is treated equally. The guild does not have any ranks, it has degrees. You move up 1 degree every 2 weeks. Once you join, You start out as an Entered Apprentice, 2 weeks later you'll become a Fellow Craft, 2 weeks later you'll become a Master Mason. Then you'll just move up into the Lodge of Perfection.

The guild is the main Freemason Guild

Want to join? The code is SFRE8374.


1) Believe in peace

2) Never start wars

3) Do not participate in wars

4) Be nice to others

5) Never disrespect anyone

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