Smoke clan labs

this is where smoke clan secretly keep many experiments one of there experiments with water currents went wrong and caused a explosion near kingshead and sunk many pirate privateers and eitc and navy ships.Also they made a Zombie experiment and went very wrong and zombies escaped the lab and went underwater and swam to many islands including capturing a island and turning it into Zombie island where many zombies run around. also another experiment is a clone of the kraken much much bigger and more tenticals and it can swallow a ship whole which means that this monster is in the very carribean monster one thing is the people call it the Kraken II.many more failed experiments are here.

Smoke clan defense and Fixed sea cannons

the smoke clan have fixed guns that can blow up a entire ship from under water. the army training there is extrodinary they train there soliders fast many soliders patrol the town and base in the labs there are multiple enemies including zombies in the smoke clan war quest.


Zombie lvl 5-7

Zombie eater lvl 7-16 ( this zombie eats u when it knocks u out so insta jail for u also 5 of these are seen eating a few scientists in the quest)

Ghost Zombie lvl 16-25 ( these are rly tough cuz they have ghost abillity to miss ur attacks)

Zombiefire ( these zombies can turn u into a zombie XD )

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