The owner of Skull's Thunder is Captain Skull X.


The history of Skull's Thunder is a rocky one. It started when Captain Skull X was simply in Padres del Fuego, or called, "Isle of Fire", back then. He walked into a bar known as "Pedro's Tavern". Pedro wanted the bar off his hand, so he issued a gambling bet, and to whoever won, got the tavern. Captain Skull X wanted to try his luck, so he joined the game. The game was a simple Blackjack. Dealer drew the cards, Captain Skull X looked up with a smile up on his face. First, one of the guys put down a 16. Second guy put down a 7. Third guy put down a 12. Fourth guy put down a 19. The 5th guy, Captain Skull X, put down his cards..... With a 'o' on everybody's face, even the guys at the bar, Captain Skull X put down a perfect 21..... Blackjack.

How the name came to be....

Pedro gave Captain Skull X the keys to the tavern. He went down to the governors place and told him he would like to name his new place. The governover asked," Well, what name do you have in mind?" Captain Skull X replied,"Hmm..... Well..... I would like the name to b---- " CRASH!!!! Went the thunder outside. Captain Skull X said,"Why not "Skull's Thunder?" The governor said,"Nice choice.... Are you sure? You can not change it once you have the new name." Captain Skull X said," I am sure." The governor smiled as he got a stamp an BANG!!! He put the new name on the sheet of paper with the tavern information on it.

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