A military bootcamp is different than a military training camp, in several ways. In Bootcamp you do minor drills, learn how to fight, without being in harms danger. You learn to follow orders, and be tough. Then you move to Training camps, where you actually fight real enemies.
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The Skull's Marines Bootcamp has several purposes:

  1. To help train our soldiers before combat, safely, so they are ready for real battles
  2. To teach our soldiers orders, and commands, before they're on the field
  3. An easy safe place to practice, in private


Port Royal

The Port Royal Camp is a place to practice your pvp skills. In this camp we have several features, along with a great warrior that is willing to help us train

Commander: John Stormpaine

Servers: Barano, Guines
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the Port Royal Bootcamp


  • Indoor Track
  • Practice Dummies
  • Firing Range
  • Will Turner


The Kingshead Camp is a place to practice your agility, and stamina. It servers as more of an obstacle course. Being light on your feet is important as a Marine.

Commander: Capt. Skull X

Servers: Barano


  • Indoor Track
  • Obstacle Course
    Screenshot 2011-04-03 14-37-12

    Kingshead Bootcamp

  • Firing Range


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