What Are We

Skull's Bootcamp was founded on April 22nd, 1722, by Capt. Skull X. Its intention is to train noobs to become good players and fighters, especially in the art of PvP and SvS.

Training Programs

Privateering (SvS)

Pirate Vs. Pirate (PvP)

Medical and Healing

Orders and Commands


Head Instructors

  • Capt. Skull X ~ Founder, Head of the Camp
  • Chris Swordbones ~ Co Gm, Second in Command of the Camp
  • John Stormpaine ~ Head of PvP Training
  • Rockhopper ~ Head of SvS Training
  • Cherie ~ Head of Medical Operations

Training Instructors


No Veterans Yet


No Students


Main Base

The main bootcamp is located across the entire island of Isla Perdida. It contains several SCUD Launchers and SAM Rockets, specially designed by Daggerpaine Industries for Skull's Bootcamp. They are experimental, but from tests, have been perfected. It also contains several camps, with barracks, shooting ranges, showers, mess hall, and several other recreational buildings. It contains a small port too for the
  • A Sign of the camp
  • A SAM missile in a main part of the camp
  • A Picture of the camp
  • A Soldier Training on the obsticle course
  • A SCUD Launcher defending the camp
bootcamps navy and military vessels, along with a way to transport goods and supplies to the camp
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