It was a beautiful day in the Caribbean and Jack Cannon Ball's ship the HMS Dark Tiger was in the ocean. Soon a huge fleet of Spanish Conquistadors were throwing grenades at the ship. The HMS Dark Tiger only had one other ship with them called the Star Tiger Chaser.

THE BATTLE Soon enough the ships all collided. 15 Conquistador ships vs 2 EITC ships. While fighting the Star Tiger Chaser was sinking horribly fast that the captain drowned in less than 20 seconds! Soon it was just the HMS Dark Tiger. Then the HMS Dark Tiger used fury cannon balls and fire cannon balls and burnt down 13 conquistador lightships. Now the HMS Dark Tiger (which was a medium brig) had to face two warships. One was a war brig and the other was a war frigate. Right before Jack Cannon Ball used broadside the ship's sails fell down and a huge bump and wave splashed right into the ship.THEY WERE SINKING!

Everybody handled it calm until the Flying Dutchman came and watched in laughter then went back into the sea. The ship was at the midpoint of the sinking. Jack Cannon Ball's friend spotted a tentacle. IT WAS A OFFSPRING OF THE KRAKEN. The tentacles weren't long but sure did crack the ship in half. Then it left leaving the ship from bow to stern sinking down to the depths of the sea. Jack and 17 other EITC men managed to escape. All 10 butlers managed to escape.All 12 royal navy men managed to escape.39 out of 40 men managed to escape.

The ship was currently raised and is known as the Cursed Tiger for its fateful sinking. What is still unknown is what was floating in the air with a black figure on top of it.

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