My Resignation

Ahoy. My llama Simon Treasurehawk and I'm retiring from the EITC. I've never actually been a part of the EITC and joined their guilds and stuff. I worked for both pirates and EITC and got by as an ally. Samuel Redbeard was my main employer, I helped him in several battles against several guilds. I also helped Captain Leon rise in power but disappeared before his reign of terror. I worked for Pearson Wright for several months in the summer of 2010. I was never known.

Anyways, the EITC was not the way it used to be. At the battle of Telltale HQ on 4/4/11 , I realized the EITC were so - so nooby. They jumped, they weren't in uniform, they lied to surrender, and they constantly ran, returned, called everyone a noob, and left. I would have much rather been with Leon again. They've become stupid, they've lost their honor, they're a disappointment to the Crown of England. And once again, they used to be feared, superior, strong, but over the months, they lost they're great leaders to a much greater faction; The Pirates. Once again, I am joining the pirates and will try to destroy the EITC forever, returning the Caribbean to a greater time.

~\~Simon Treasurehawk~/~

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