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Glaring on the edge of the lake.

Silver Shadow Caverns is a cave like underground layer that is most of the underground of Thieves Den! It was found by King Shadow Sail on March 29, 2011 while he was just lifting some rocks. He was very excited, he knew this cave would make a great layer, so he told one of his closest friends, King John Breasly. He suggested for this to be a hideout and Shadow loved the idea so much, he decided to share the space with John.

The cavern now has a certain magic spell, using a certain staff and doing a certain spell will grand you access, only Shadow and John know the staff and spell, and they want to keep it that way.

Used For

  • Shadow and John's place to just hang out.
  • Meetings.


  • Who? Founded by Captain Shadow Sail, now used by Shadow and John.
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    Shadow, I dare you to TOUCH that boulder!

  • What? A cavern that is underground Thieves Den.
  • Why? Shadow thought it would be a cool place to hold meetings and hang out, it was also secret enough to have as his and John's private layer.
  • When? Founded March, 29th, 2011
  • Where? Thieves Den, Tortuga
  • Fun Fact: When Shadow told John to teleport to see the cavern, he kinda fell, about 20 stories, and had to be hospitalized. Shadow gave him 10,000 gold, he felt bad.


As seen, there is a lake. People can actually go UNDER the lake and survive. Also, you can go past the land area and there is a huge area known as "Never World". Shadow and John keep many secret books and weapons hidden there.

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