Shocking Bladestorm is a sword skill people may have on their swords. Shocking Bladestorm is very similar to normal Blade Storm: an innumerable amount of lethal slashes are dealt to an enemy, all ending in the user performing a 180-degree spin and hitting them with a reverse thrust attack. However, with each strike, lightning from the blade zaps the enemy.

This skill is the signature skill of the Cannonwalker Cutlass and, so far, is only exclusive to this particular sword. Its default rank on the sword is 3.

Rank: Damage:
1 418 to 761
2 502 to 844
3 610 to 1002
4 701 to 1227
5 850 to 1400

Weapons with the skill:


  • Unlike other skills exclusive to particular weapons, the skill points for Shocking Bladestorm can be reassigned. They can be reset to zero by retraining and can be assigned to the skill by normal means.