Ships R Us Co.

Ships R Us is a ship making company created by Davy Hookwrecker and Nate Raidhawk.
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The Grand Opening Of Ships R Us Shipmaking Services

Why Switch from regular Shipwright Services?

People who switched from Shipwright Services to Ships R Us saved an average of 10 - 20k of gold! Unlike Shipwright Services, Ships R Us ALSO sell Custom Ships, sails, and that's right - even figureheads!


If you want to apply for a job, please contact me in the comments.

  • Davy Hookwrecker - Owner
  • Nate Raidhawk - Co. Owner


Our Main Office Building is The Governor's Mansion in Tortos. We currently have retail stores on the following servers: Abassa, Andaba, Andoso, Cortevos, and Tortos.



Ships R Us sells all Light, Standard, and War Sloops, Galleons, Frigates, and Brigs.

  • Light Sloop - 100 gold
  • Light Galleon - 300 gold
  • Light Frigate - 600 gold
  • Light Brig - 750 gold
  • Sloop - 1000 gold
  • Galleon - 2000 gold
  • Frigate - 4000 gold
  • Brig - 6500 gold
  • War Sloop - 15k
  • War Galleon - 20k
  • War Frigate - 50k
  • War Brig - 65k

Custom Ships

All custom made ships will cost 100k. Currently, this service is offered nowhere else! You can make any kind of ship possible.

We are not responsible for any injury acquired on your custom-made ship.

Painted Sails and Hulls

Any normal color costs 30k. However, an EITC Hull costs 50k, and EITC sails cost 20k. Undead Hulls cost 30k, while Undead sails cost 10k.

Sail colors are any color imaginable, and prices vary on the supply of color.


All figureheads cost 80k.* Selection includes:

  • Angel
  • Skull
  • Lantern
  • Skull and Crossbones
  • Dragon Head
  • Sword
  • Classic Skeleton
  • QAR Figurehead*

More Coming Soon!

  • Please add 1.5 gold.

Current Sales and Deals

None currently.

Customer Services

If you have any questions, please ask in the talk page, or ask me in game: Nate Raidhawk/Davy Hookwrecker


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