The Shipratian Confederation

The Shipratian Confederation is a small chain of islands located in Mid-Atlantic near South America. The Island chain consists of 12 different islands in the main chain with Shiprat Isle being the capital. The Island nation is the homebase of Shiprat Industries and the industrial and scientific backbone of the company. This is also the homebase of the Shipratian family. The Shipratian Confederation is a nation state within the Ottoman Empire.

The People

The people of the nation are a proud people that live in relative luxury and peace. There is no war, no crime, no disease, and nor famine. The people, however, are among the fiercest of warriors in the world and would die before betraying there country. The people of this nation commonly refer to the Confederation as "The Empire" believing that the island nation should expand to encompass the globe.


The country has no set religion to believe in but the majority of the nation is Christian and Catholic. The percents of the nations religions are as shown:

The Government

The Government of the nation is a Democracy. However, the company has exerted full control in the past by taking over the government and suspending it with a Monarchy in times of hostility or embargo. This is rarely the case and has only happened 3 times before.

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