Truk Lagoon

Truk lagoon consists of eleven major islands which are Tol, Udot, Fala-Beguets, Romanum, Eot , Moen, Fefan, Dublon, Uman, Param, Tsis and forty-six smaller ones within the lagoon, plus forty-one on the far out coral reef. It is the primary base of operations for Shiprat Industries in the Pacific. It is a massive fortress impenetrable to any sea attack and no land forces could ever reach the shores.

Defences and Bases

In general all islands are loaded with workshops, ship yards, rifle pits, bunkers, the mtn's are loaded with caves that have Tommy Cannons at the exits to fire on "Winged Beasts" (Reference to 1944 raid on Truk Lagoon) and to fire on enemy troops from above. Has five large area's (that resemble airfields) that are used for exercise and playing football (soccer for you yanks!). The reef that encircles the Lagoon is covered in massive forts and walls lined with Tommy Cannons. Moen contains the primary HQ while Uman is home to an experimental project (Submarine work/ not futuristic, they had primitive submarines). Dublon is home to an experimental heavy artillery weapon said to be able to hit anything on any of the islands. Param, Tiss, and 1/4th of the smaller islands are home to the troops, civilians, etc.

Future(Historical Info.)

Truk Lagoon is taken by the Spanish in the Spanish-American war. It is then taken by the Americans and is given to Germany. After WWI Germany is forced to give it to Japan in 1917. Truk Lagoon is then made into the "Gibraltar of the Pacific".


  • If anyone has a problem with this not being relevant, no claiming countries (it's not a country), or inaccurate information (a lot's been distorted in role-play) just contact me on my Talk page.
  • This island belongs to Spain historically but they never fortify or take an interest in it until the Spanish-American War.
  • The island was never protected and was always up for grabs, other countries did the same thing as Spain did, planted a flag and left.
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