Shiprat Industries is a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company. It is the 2nd largest in the entire world and is 1st in technology. It is the current primary company of Japan and several smaller European and Asian countries. The company is based out of England and the base of operations in the caribbean is on Port Royal. Shiprat Industries is the company that built the Jason Shiprat class ship of the line and ammo for it. They are the only company to build an explosive, shrapnel, voodoo round. Some of their technology and ships are:

Name: Class: Abilities/Damage/explosive equivalent:

The Shiprat's Fury round: Voodoo Explosive, 1,000,000 damage, 10,000 lbs of C4

God's light: Holy weapon, Infinite damage/healing, Not Applicable

Shiprat class SOTL: 1st rate super SOTL, Voodoo shield, Holy Wood, Shiprats Fury Rounds

Leonardo Class Cannon: 3 barreled repeating cannon, Acid, Shiprat's Fury rounds, 100,000,000 damage

Sword of Tartarus: Dual-Bladed cursed broadsword, Hell's Fury, 500,000 damage, white-hot metal

Shiprat 2.0 class SOTL: 1st rate Super Advanced SOTL, Leonardo class cannons; 120, Voodoo shield, Shiprats Fury Rounds, Holy wood

Subject 17: Classified

Tommy Pistola: Repeater Pistol (3 barreled), medium range, 10 rounds, unlimited steel and poison shot, Rapid Fire (5 shots at once), Rapid Reload, Radiant Shot, Detecto Shot

to be continued........

Factories and Locations:

Other Establishments and Locations:

Distilleries, Storage, and Luxury House on Rumrunners

Distilleries, Storage, Shipbuilding Facility, Gold Mine, Silver Mine, Iron Mine, Bunkers, Barracks, and an HQ on Isla Perdida

Iron Mine, Silver Mine, Lead Mine, Aluminum Mine, Diamond Mine, Barracks, Bunkers, Recruiting Office, and an HQ on Padres Del Fuego

Barracks, Bunkers, Recruiting Office, Training Facility, Science Facility, Weapons Facility, and an HQ on Tortuga

Barracks, Bunkers, Recruiting Office, Training Facility, science Facility, Weapons Facility, EITC Outpost, Primary HQ, and Shiprat Manor on Port Royal

Training Facility, Research Facility, Science Facility, Weapons Facility, Base "Germany", Bunkers, Barracks, and an HQ

Shipbuilding Facility, Sailing Training Facility, and an HQ on Kingshead (Jason Shiprat's facility on Kingshead before pirating)

Science Facility, Weapons Facility, Barracks, Bunkers, Research Facility, Shipbuilding Facility, and an HQ (abandoned after Jolly's attack and subject 17's escape from Research Facility "Ticonderoga")

Truk Lagoon

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