Shiprat Hotel's

If your stay isn't satisfactory then you get 2 free visits to the VIP pool!

Welcome to Shiprat Hotels! We here help you find great times and memories within our halls! If any other hotel has even lower priced rooms of the same type and quality of ours we'll not only reimburse your lost money, but we'll also give you a complimentary free night! We recommend the water park as it has 12 pools, 5 water slides, a lazy stream, and a several hot tubs! Remember, if your not happy with your stay you get 2 free nights!

Hotel Manager: Jason Shiprat


Bus Boy's:

Bell Boy's:


Room Service Staff:

Lounge Singer:



  • Note: only 2 free nights a month if stay not satisfactory, no free food and no sabotage, any suspected tamporing will get you banned from the hotel.
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