The Shining Fury before it was held to the sun

Shining Fury is a gladius made by the World Wide Weapon Makers.


Shining Fury was crafted in France by John Breasly and his brother William Damproberts. It's metal was brought all the way from Norway, and was crafted in a blacksmith shop near the Rhine.

When they were done with the blade, it's shine was so bright, when the held it to the sun, the blade grew so hot, it began to steam. William then rushed into production of the sheath. The sheath is made of leeather from the skin of a snake, some metalic touches, and a lot of voodoo. However, the blades steam did not cease, and now it has a a white mist falling off the blade, as well as scorching hot attacks.

  • Because of the blades enchantment, all attacks activate a version of cursed fire.
  • It has seven points to all skills
Rarity N/A WWWM
Type N/A Gladius (Sword)
Attack N/A 104
Flying Star Rank 7 Throw your sword at your enemies
Blinding Sun Rank 7 Temporarily blind your enemies.
Melee Rank 7 Whack your enemy with the flat of your blade
Sunstorm Rank 7 Perform a series of swings to burn up your enemies
Brightened Rank 7 Smash you sword into your enemies head
Use: N/A Must be a WWWM member
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