The Sharkkidd therapy apartment is where players go to talk about their problems and issues. Sharkkidds therapy session is located on different servers in the boatswain house. He helps people feel better about themselves (well sometimes) This page is 100% real and every pirate, his/her problems, and every one of Sharkkidds answers are real. If you happen to find him not at his building it is most likely closed. If Sharkkidd is gone Hobo his captain may be there instead helping out people.

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If you want to have an appointment say so in the comments.

Client 1

Name: Billy McDavis

Therapist: Sharkkidd

Problem: In real life my family is from England and when ever I kill navy men in the game i am always thinking about them I don't know if i will be able to keep playing this game if this continues

Solution: Your family really doesn't care about you. It is just their job to take care of you and they are secretly planning to sell you on ebay so they can get money to buy some freakin tea.

Client 2

Name: uh i dont remember her name Therapist: SHarkkidd

Problem: I have played this game for years, but now it is getting real boring should i keep playin

Solution: Yes, you should keep playing and if you really want to stop then come back online and gimme your famed and legendary weapons before you go.

Client 3 (hobos first client)

Name: John (no last name)

Therapist: Hobo

Problem: I am being made fun of because i like to listen to Friday by Rebecca Black what do i do?


Client 4

Name: Dog Fireskull Therapist; Sharkkidd

Problem: Do you want to join my guild.

Solution: No

Client 5

Name: Johnny Warwash

Therapist: Sharkkidd

Problem: My friends keep calling me a noob what do i do

Solution: Go call them a noob

Client 6

Name: Jack Darkrage

Therapist: Hobo

Problem: All my guilds i make suck how do i make them not so bad?

Solution: Dont suck yourself and then your guild wont suck

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