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Shadow's Log is a journal of Captain Shadow Sail that explains his many exciting, comical, and dramatic adventures. Shadow wrote this as a journal, it was later published into a book, and was a bestseller. People everywhere wanted to here the mysterious, exciting and truly unforgettable life of Sir Captain Shadow Sail.
Shadow's Log
  • Reviews:

"A true pirate tale everyone should read" -Pirate Book Club

"It's worth the pay and more!" -BB Book Sellers

"Amazing....amazing...amazing...." -Critics

"A thriller, a tale, an amazing tale, an amazing book!" -Interviewed Pirates

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Created: 2/4/11
By: CaptainShadow11 252

21121 251 11

Published By: Shadow Raven Publications
Editors: Jack Daggermenace/Soar
Main Character: Captain Shadow Sail
Type: Realistic Fiction
Why? Created to inform readers about

Shadow's life while entertaining them.

Cost of Book: 17,000 Gold
Resale: 18,000 Gold
Where can it be sold? Shadow Raven Book Store
Type: Action/Drama/Somewhat Comical
Copyright? Yes

Chapter one coming soon.

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