Seven Sea Eagles is a guild originally founded by Jack Daggermenace.

Seven Sea Eagles is a loyal guild, respecting all and helping all. We like to hag around Darkhart or sail. We always try to make everyone feel included and important, regardless of level and such.

Guild Userbox ImagePirate Seven Sea Eagles is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


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Julee (a member) and Jack.

  1. Be nice and respectful to all.
  2. Try to attend meetings and events.
  3. Try to say hello and goodbye to members.
  4. Ask before you teleport to someone.
  5. Don't ask to be a veteran or officer, I will promote you when you are ready.

How To Become An Officer


  1. Follows all rules constantly
  2. Can be trusted
  3. Has stayed in guild for good amount of time (One month at least)
  4. At least level 30

How To Become A Veteran


  1. Has to be at least level 20
  2. Follows all rules constantly
  3. Can be trusted
  4. Has stayed in guild for at least 1 week.

Multiple Guildmasters

Soon after the guild was made, Jack got tired on running a guild and left, making Julee (shown in picture), the new guildmaster. She then gave the gm position to a girl named Beth. Julee told Beth that Jack wanted the guild back. Beth was not happy, she gave the gm spot back to Julee, and left the guild. Julee then gave the position back to Jack stayed the gm for a while, then left. A man now banana monster is the new gm.

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