I'm gonna try and make a weapon. This name sounded cool so I made it. Thats how I roll.

Attack: 60 Special Ability: Poison Drain Health: Rank 4 +2 eviscerate +3 adder +1 Throw Dirt

It was the prize possesion of Silth, one on the most vile and maliscious people to ever sail the seas. He valued his weapons above all else, especially the Legendary Serpant Sabre. He never left his hands off this sword, he walked around with one hand on the holt of the sword wherever he went, The sword corrupted him, slowly from the inside out, he grew angry, with sudden bursts of rage. Slowly his vast organization rebelled against him and he was exiled from it. Then one day while on his ship the Vile Cobra, he was polishing the sword's already gleaming surface, when suddenly they crossed paths with a secret EITC fleet. The Fleet shot his ship down, and he was to stupid to use a life vest so he drowned. It is unknown what became of this sword, however it is rumored to have been found by Jolly Roger and to be hidden somewhere on Isle Tormenta.

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