This quest is for levels 45 + only.

Part 1: The Discovery

Sail to Uncharted Waters

It seems your ship is damaged. Try and repair it.

Complete a ship repair game.

Your ship has still not been repaired. You will have to sink and find a way to shore.

Swim down the trench.

You find a strange door. You take a small brick from it and swim back to shore.

Talk to Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow knows exactly what you have found. You have found the very gate to Atlantis! But to successfully enter the city, you must find 4 keys held by te Lophian Family.

Part 2: The Keys

Seek the first key.

Explore Pantano River

Defeat Achaelos

Seek the second key.

Explore Queen's Nest

Defeat Dr. Skull

Seek the third key

Explore Isla Cangrejos

Defeat The Menace

Seek the final key

Explore Cave of Lost Souls

Defeat Slappy

Part 3: Angler Attack

Dig up a spyglass from a buried treasure chest

Dug up a map from a buried treasure chest

Sail to Uncharted Waters

Swim down the Trench

Explore Gate to Atlantis

Activate Angler Attack Boss Battle

Defeat 20 Lophian Soldiers

Defeat 20 Angler Warriors

Defeat 20 Anglerfish

Defeat The Angler Lord

Insert keys to Atlantis

Talk to Jack Sparrow

Reward: Infinite gold

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