Duty 1 Easy is One of Lord Lawrence Dagger's Quest's. You Recieve This Quest From Lord Lawrence Dagger At Notoriety Level 20.

Part 1: Undead Aztec Gold

1.Defeat 10 Powder-Keg Runner's.

2. Defeat 10 Undead Raider's.

3.Defeat 10 Undead Gypsy's.

Reward's: +100 Notoriety Points

Part 2 The 10 Undead Ring's

1.Defeat General Dark Hart

2.Defeat General Sandpine

3.Defeat General Hex

4.Defeat General Bloodless

5.Defeat Jacques le Blanc

6.Defeat Tomas Blanco

7.Defeat Timothy Darten

8.Defeat Bonerattler

9.Defeat Black Powder Evan

10.Defeat Jolly Roger

Rewards: +10000 Notoriety Points

Part 3:The 4 Stump's Of Priority

1.Defeat Silent Stinger

2.Defeat Bowbreaker

3.Defeat Rip Tail

4.Defeat Devil Root

Reward: +1000 Notoriety Points

Part 4:Wasp Queen

1.Sail To Isla Perdida

2.Defeat The Hive Queen

Reward's: +2000 Notoriety Points

Part 5 Get The Ghosts!!!

1.Defeat 10 Devious Ghost's

2.Defeat 10 Traitor Ghost's

3.Defeat 1 Traitor Ghost

Rewards: 1000 Gold

Final Part: Bosses Of Terror

1.Defeat Foulberto Smasho

2.Defeat Jolly Roger

3.Defeat General Dark Hart

4.Defeat Devil Root

Rewards: 100000 Gold, +10000 Notoriety Points.

Quest 2 Secret Mission is a quest!
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