The Seadog Buckeyes are James Warhawk's guild of Ohio State University fans, as well as a group of loyal and deadly Mercenaries. As mercs, we fight for the highest bidder, whether it be EITC or pirate, but either way, we never lose. If you want to join, the requirements are below.


The Seadog Buckeyes were formed on October 19, 1698 by James Warhawk. First, James recruited members on the beach of Tortuga on Abassa. Then, the Buckeyes declared Raven's Cove as their guild island, and also several outlying islands as property of the Buckeyes.

Guild Colors

The Buckeye's colors are Red and White. It is required that you wear red and white during combat or during training. Also, basic access members are not required to have these colors, just as long as they can wear SOME white and/or red.

Guild Weapons

The Seadog Buckeyes are REQUIRED at all times to buy/or have the following weapons with them at ALL times. They are sorted by rank.


  1. Battle Cutlass
  1. Fine Sabre
  1. Twin Repeater Pistol
  1. Small Broadsword
  1. Iron Pistol
  1. Sailor's Musket
  1. Iron Bayonet
  1. Small Blunderbuss
  1. Small Dagger
  1. Iron Throwing Knives


  1. Grand Cutlass
  1. Ornate Broadsword
  1. War Sabre
  1. Ornate Repeater
  1. Steel Pistol
  1. Boarding Musket
  1. Steel Bayonet
  1. Fine Blunderbuss
  1. Battle Dagger
  1. Fine Throwing Knives


  1. Royal Cutlass
  1. Great Broadsword
  1. Master Sabre
  1. Volley Pistol
  1. Ornate Pistol
  1. Royal Musket
  1. Master Bayonet
  1. Royal Blunderbuss
  1. War Dagger
  1. Master Throwing Knives

Colones-General of the Army

The Colonels, Brigader Generals, Major Generals, Lt. Genrals, Generals, and General of the Army are in the Royal Cabinet, which does not require them to have any certain weapons, so they can choose what to fight with freely.


The Seadog Buckeyes' rranks are:



Lance Corporal



Sgt. Major

Lieutenant 1st class

Lt. 2nd class



Lt. Colonel


Brigader General (1 star)

Major General (2 stars)

Lt. General (3 stars)

Full General (4 stars)

General of the Army (5 stars)

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