The Scourge, lovingly named by its master Finn Hamm, was a unique rapier and infamous symbol of terror and bloodshed within the Adriatic. The blade was forged in England specifically to reward the EITC agent Addison Mayfield for his exemplary service in the early 18th century, designed to be both elegant in appearance and deadly in practice. When Mayfield died, the blade was passed down to his apprentice, the young Finn Hamm, who continued to wield it as a pirate with the Vindicator offhand.

With the Scourge, Hamm waged a bloody campaign in the Adriatic Sea, and despite being slashed in half and discarded by Richard Cannonwalker following the Pirate Lord's departure from the Brethren Court, it remained the subject of nightmares for the victims of his terror for decades to come.



  • Attack: 86
  • Coupe de Grâce (Rank 3) - Backhands the enemy, stunning them for 5 seconds, then delivers a savage leaping blow intended to finish off the target. Only usable against adversaries below 35% health. Boosts critical rating for 10 seconds after use.
  • Scourge - Blade Storm is now compressed into one single strike that skewers all nearby enemies.
  • Wounding Strike - Successful hits wound the enemy, causing damage over time.
  • Drain Health (Rank 4) - Damage dealt is returned in health, including damage over time.
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