"We will always be victorious. Even when facing the Devil."

~Simon Treasurehawk

Scoundrel's Army is a guild created by Robert Cannonbreaker and Simon Treasurehawk as an addition to the Allied Armies. It was created on 8/28/2011. If you want to join. Robert and Simon will try to be at Abassa every day this week.


  • Guildmaster(s): Simon Treasurehawk, Robert Cannonbreaker.
  • Invite Code: TcA
  • Guild Server: TBA
  • Flagship: Riptide Wrath


Uniform Unlimited Basic
Hat Black hat A Black/Red Bandana
Coat Any Black/Red coat Not Avalible
Shirt White Shirt White Shirt
Vest Embelished Vest Belted Vest
Pants 44 Dubloons Black/Grey Pants
Boots Any Black Boots Leather
Ship Color Maroon/Rose Maroon/Rose (If possible)
Ship Emblem Black Dagger Black Dagger (If possible)

Mission History

Operation: Back on Track Not yet Started

Success In Progress On Hold Canceled Failiure
0 o 0 0 0



Simon and Robert will be recruiting all week. If you want to join, they'll be on Abassa.


  • Founders

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