This be a list of members in the Scarlet Dragon crew. These men are always prepared for battle and thrive for adventure. Feel free to browse the crew members and their stories

The new crew

The Scarlet Dragons crew consists of some of the Caribbean's top criminals. Each man is dangerously powerful and fit for action. When danger comes these men and women are prepared for anything. Here is a small list of some of the most important members of the crew.


  • Hobo (the 7th pirate lord of the Caribbean)

First mates


Quarter masters

Commanding sailors

  • Rick (Hobos friend in the mental asylum)
  • Helga (Jumbo Bobs girlfriend)
  • Dreadskull (Plunderskulls long lost brother)


  • Dagger Dan (Dan is the ship's blades trainer)
  • Andy Flounder (Andy is the ship's explosives and guns trainer)
  • Bonga (Ships voodoo trainer, he also can travel through time)



  • Sharkfish (Sharkkidds brother)
  • Harry (the only person to smell worse than Hobo)
  • Shade (emo cannoneer)
  • Purple Pete (he's freaking purple)



  • Johnny Warwash (Hobo often makes Warwash do disgusting tasks like cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush)


  • Salty (Salty used to be the guard dog in the Port Royal.)
  • Sharky (Sharkkidd isn't very creative with names.)
  • Oreo (Hobos pet rat)
  • Bob the chicken (once human, now chicken)

The old crew

The old crew sailed on Hobos small galleon known as the Bilge Rat. They all eventually split apart after many years of sailing. Most of them are either dead or off doing something on their own.

First Mates

  • Plunderskull (former first mate until he left to captain a ship off his own)


  • Sharktooth (Sharkkidd's father)
  • Bo Beck (mutinous traitor)


  • General Darkheart (died and became a general for Jolly Roger)


  • Flower (Brother of Jumbo Bob and only person to defeat him in arm wrestling)


  • Old Man Jenkins (he even makes Hobo look young)
  • Pomma (Jamaican man with perfect aim, even when drunk)
  • Carl Warsmith (A blind gunner is a good gunner)


  • Sharkfang (young Sharktooths pet)
  • Skull (Plunderskull's favorite raven)
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