Scaled Serpent

The Scaled Serpent

The Scaled Serpent is owned by Jing Vang. It sits within his treasure cave in the Cavern of Vang. It is guarded by Takey Jun.


The Scaled Serpent was a Navy built vessel, built in Singapore. When left docked for the night, Jing Vang and his crew climbed aboard and sailed for England with it. There, he sent his warlord, Hamsakai, to Westminster Palace, the meeting place of Parliament, to steal the Sword of the Golden Dragon. He succeeded, and sailed for the Caribbean, before the Navy could catch up. After docking on Tortuga, the crew set off to find a base. A week later they returned to the Scaled Serpent, and set sail for Raven's Cove. After docking on Raven's Cove, the crew met up with El Patron, while the navigator, Ren Jako, stayed aboard. The crew returned an hour later, followed closely by El Fantasma. Before the crew was even on board, El Patron came closely behind. One of the crew yelled "Hoist anchor!" Jako obliged. He rose anchor and lowered the sails. The last of the crew had just made it on board, when Fantasma swung his blade and it missed in between the boards. As the ship was sailing away, El Patron cursed the ship. The ship, and everyone on board, became skeletons. The magnificent ship turned rotten and burnt. The ship disappeared in the fog, never to be seen by mortal eyes again.

The Ship Today

Kat's ship

The Scaled Serpent (Cursed)

Today, the curse upon the ship if any crew member is on board. It sits in a cavern connected to the Cavern of Vang. Whoerver controls the ship will have the most powerful ship in the Caribbean, if not the world.

The Ship's Stats


Ship of the Line



On-Deck Cannons








Notable Crew Members

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