Savvys Elite was a guild for Notoriety Level 50 pirates and was the Honor guild of the three Spartans Savvy Jrs. guilds. The original Guildmaster was James Wildbones, the second mastered pirate of Spartans Savvy Jr guild master Charles Wildhazzard who switched to Spartans Savvy Jrs as GM status went to the one closest to him. The Guild is currently recruiting Level 50 pirates and Pirate Masters. Savvys Elite was founded on October 10. The guild originally use to battle ghosts on Raven's Cove or defeating Davy Jones' crew on Isla Tormenta. Savvys Elite were also found hosting leveling parties and plunder parties for both Spartans Savvy Jrs and Savvys Academy. Several Elite officers have chosen to take and active part in training and mentoring the pirates of the two related guilds. The Elites originally often found on Caicos and Abassa. The guild has since become dead and was replaced by Masters and Skulls.

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Savvys Elite

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