Saved by the Blade (GUILD)

Saved by the Blade is a pretty new Guild in POTCO. Regardless, it is growing quick. The GM is Sam Ironskull. It currently has over 200 members, but growing fast.

How The Guild Started

Sam Ironskull has been in all of the top guilds (ex. I N F E R N O, O U T L A W S, etc.). He got kicked out of INFERNO for "offending Ned". He got banned from INFERNO. Nevermind that, he wanted to get back at them. He then started his own Guild. His plan is to get back at Ned Yellowbeard, and his Guild. He wants his Guild to become as big as INFERNO some day too. When he first created the Guild, he originally planned on naming it 'Bladeroth', but that go declined. He then moved to 'Taken by the Blade', but that also go declined, so his final resort was 'Saved by the Blade', which got accepted. It was official. Saved by the Blade.

Saved by the Blade information

Currently, you must be level 20 or higher to join Saved by the Blade. Here are the following Officers of the Guild:

{C}{C David Basil Plankwrecker Johnny Daggerkidd Jack Swordsteel Jason Daggerfury Kelly, Sharkwaters (Sam Ironskull's Alternate Pirate), Pirate

Those are all the Officers. The Guild also has a Royal Council.

The Saved by the Blade Royal Council discusses decisions for the Guild (ex. removing a member, demoting the members, deciding Guild events for the Guild, etc.)

The GM only selects 4 members to join the Royal Council, and they must be an Officer rank in the Guild to even be chosen.

Our main server homes are listed below:



Here are the following rules for the Guild

  1. Do not ask for Officer
  2. Respect the GM, and all the Officers in the Guild
  3. No spam/flooding
  4. No caps
  5. Most important guild rule - HAVE FUN!

Saved by the Blade Official YouTube Channel

You can visit it here:

Saved by the Blade Official Trailor

Saved by the Blade Official Trailor

This is the Official guild video for Saved by the Blade!

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