Santa Meurte

Santa Meurte

Santa Meurte is an Undead Reaper Boss who looms around Isla Inferno's Ghost Town seeking for his next victim. He weilds a terribly sharp scyth with a skull on the edge and has an hourglass hanging from the handle. He wears a dark cloak which makes him invisible at night. His original home when he was living was the Underground Palace deep in the Pore. He lived a peaceful life until Jolly Roger invaded the Pore and cursed all of the people living there. Jolly Roger took Santa aboard his ship but he went overboard and was picked up by the Diablo. He later became the lookout for the Diablo. Today he is a level 56 boss who is greatly feard.


He mostly drops Loot Skull Chests containing tons of Gold and Famed and Legendary Weapons.


Roaming around Isla Inferno.

Other Info

Terror (44x55) Santa Meurte is a deadly, dangerous and evil Undead Reaper Boss!!
Myhefusa-1- (55x41) Santa Meurte is a(n)/the Lookout of the SS Diablo!
328px-Grim reaper-1--1- (43x55) Santa Meurte is an Undead Reaper
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