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Samuel Swordeaston

Samuel Swordeaston is a popular player pirate in the game pirates of the Caribbean online, and is in the guild Wrath of Monstro, a guild owned by a player named "Geppy G Thomas!" He is popular because he is a glitch master, he often use glitches, but the only glitch he can't master is PvP glitch.

Profile, personality, and traits

Samuel Swordeasotn is often kind to low levels and is a Tank to them, he also helps them level up. He has a girlfriend in the year 2008 April, but it is unknown why they broke up. Rumor has that the seas say that his girlfriend joined Jolly Roger's army but it is still unknown, and his secrets lies within him only!


  • He is also called the master of Sky walker or water walk.
  • He's best friend was a pirate named WIlly Wager with almost the same personality with him.
  • The only glitch he can't master is PvP glitch
  • He is also called the Sky diver ( because he sky dives in any island he wants when he is bored )
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