Sal Passow is a former member of the Overseers, namely their infantry division during the Spartan Conflict. After the conflict, he became a mercenary, mainly working for the black market, and high-end clients. He is an Abnormal, with the ability to slow down his perception of time, which he uses to pull off critical strikes. Ever since his youth, he has worn a black sash around his head to cover his eyes, due to his mutation making his eyes a golden-yellow color.


He was born in Ismara, a city-state in Eirene. His parents raised him from an early age to be a fighter, his mother taught him basic espionage, while his father taught him hand-to-hand and ranged combat. When he was fifteen, the Spartan Conflict erupted, and according to records, Sal was one of the first to volunteer for deployment.

Sal spent a year in training, graduating highest in his group in firearms, while only coming in second to Sullivan, who like Sal became a mercenary after the Conflict. During the Conflict, Sal would become fast friends with Troy Pistós. After the war, Sal became a member of Anton Phthónos' top hitmen and found common work for Negus Pleonektés.


Sal is a rather closed off individual, only opening up to those he calls a friend, which are very few. When communicating with employers, he commonly interacts with them in a harsh tone, calling them names such as "bastard", and "asshole", even to those deemed highly dangerous like Negus or Anton, showcasing his lack of care for life, as he knows both are known to kill even their most trusted of employees.

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