The Sakana Fishing Colony was created by

Gunfish Adubrate!

The Sakana Fishing Colony is basically a floating dock. Everybody that lives there is a fisherman, that is one of their few food sources. It seems to be floating, but it has support beams that reach the bottom of the ocean (shallow

One of the small docks.

waters). It was founded in 1745 (2012) when Davy Gunfish's ship was ready to sink, he decided to make something useful out of it. Some of the few food sources are fish (of course) and regular fruits and vegetables (farms). They get regular imported supplies from Japan. Many ships stop by to take a rest or buy anything from the markets. The Colony has it's own fishing fleet which does not travel very far from the Colony due to it being in a frequent storm area. Housing is somewhat expensive on the Colony, as wood and other supplies found on land are not regularly available.
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