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Sage Co is a company that makes various things for the caribbean.


Founded by King Sage Jasper about 20 years ago, this company is pretty new but approved by many. It sells quality products for a great price. One of their main secrets to doing so well is three words, Shadow.... and...... Co. When Sage and King Shadow Sail First started to be friends, Sage was a king, but a little poor. He put most of his money into the country he was king of, Aruba. So, Shadow helped him out. He funded the company for 10 years, after, Sage could afford to keep it going. Not only that, but Shadow made Sage Co a branch of Shadow and Co, giving it a great name. Now, the company does very well with Sage and Shadow commanding it.

What We Make

Here and Sage Co, we make many things, like building products (windows, doors, etc), along with that we make things for in the home (furnature, carpets, etc). The company became so popular because it is one of the only ones of its kind. Pirates want and need houses and the only company other then this that has house products is Shadow and Co. But, Shadow and Co has a huge waiting list, just another reason Sage Co is doing so well.


Currently Sage is the Vice President and Shadow is the President due to Sage Co being a branch of Shadow and Co.


  • Comes in all colors
  • Very durable
  • Should not be exposed to too much water or harsh weather
  • Used for building, adding cabinets, etc.
  • Price: 10 gold a piece
  • Comes in many types
  • Very very durable
  • Can be exposed to water and harsh weather
  • Used for building and such
  • 10 gold per stone
  • Comes in many types
  • Very durable
  • Should not be exposed to water or harsh weather, if exposed to water this product may rust.
  • Used for building and such
  • 10 gold per sheet
  • Comes in one type
  • Semi Durable
  • Should not be exposed to water or harsh weather
  • Used for making walls
  • 10 gold per pound
  • Comes in all colors
  • Guaranteed to stay on walls and such.
  • Should not be exposed to any water or weather.
  • If exposed to water or weather, paint will be ruined.
  • Used for painting things / Making things colorful
  • 20 gold per bucket
  • Comes in one type
  • Very Very Durable
  • Can be exposed to water and harsh weather
  • Used for many things.
  • 10 gold per pound.


  • King Shadow Sail
  • Who is: The founder of the company. He does all the commanding actions for the company. He can set prices, hire people, fire people, just about anything.
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Shadow Green Shirt

  • King Sage Jasper
  • Who is: The vice president of the company. Shadow has a very high rank. If Sage is not there, then Shadow is in charge and can do anything Sage can. If Sage is there, he is a very high ranking member who can basically do anything Sage can except set prices and fire people.
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  • Who is: The third in command. If both the Vp and Founder are not here, Mega takes charge. This is a very very high rank.
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Screenshot 2011-08-07 12-52-55

  • Jason Yelloweagle
  • Who is: An executive. A high ranking member that mainly sells items here at Sage Co, but sometimes may go to meetings with the other High Ranking members to decide things for the company.
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Jason Yelloweagle and Profile

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