Safehouses are locations throughout the world. In The Caribbean, the biggest and most well-known safehouse for Pirates are Shipwreck Cove and L'asile. The EITC have the most safehouses throughout the Caribbean.

Though there are many types of Safehouses there are 3 "Classifications"

  1. Omega-Level: A top secret location usually used to hold a very important prisoner.
  2. Alpha Level:A secret loctation usually used for certain methods that are illegal.
  3. Level-0: A location usually in plain site.



Common "Voodoo Drones" entering a safehouse off a prototype tank from "Mike" da Vinchi. Guns are also made by Mike Da Vinchi

In usual cases, the safehouses are guarded by normal soldiers and in charge The Keeper In other more secure locations, the safehouses have "Drones" special voodoo-created soldiers that have rapid-fire weapons created by Michealangelo da Vinci (Grandson of Leonardo da Vinci) in France. The Drones have white armor and can withstand much fire power. Black-clad drones are trained like Ninjas and are far harder to kill. In most safehouses there is automatic weaponry. Also there is usually an armory near the control room.

People who have owned/kept a safehouse.

  1. Pirate King Captain Jim Logan - Purchased and kept a safe house in 1745-1746 until it was attacked and destoryed by Rouge Pirates.
  2. Kitty Logan - Used during her tenure as Pirate Queen as a safehouse after L'asile was destroyed.
  3. Rouge Logan - Used a safehouse during her time as a Pirate Lord

Safehouses destoryed or compromised

  1. Jim Logan's first safehouse was destroyed by Rouge Pirates in 1746.
  2. Rouge Logan's safehouse was compromised in 1775, left 200 drones "dead".
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